In this episode, I share some reviews and recommendations from my clients about the life-changing power of declaration statements. I also challenge you to monitor your negative self-talk over the weekend and see if the upcoming Declarations Success Class is something that resonates with you. Tune in to learn more.

A few thoughts on declarations from my clients:

  • “We went through combat declarations and it has been way life changing. I find myself putting myself down frequently, and then find myself stopping and saying, hey I can, I am strong, and damn it, I got this!!”

  • “Declarations helped my self esteem and confidence when I had tough days.”

  • “I recited my very own declaration every day and every night. I started taking appreciation in myself and the things I love doing as well as others around me. I gained more confidence in myself and learned to be happy.”"

  • “I learned how to change the way I look at negative situations and how to handle them in a healthy way. I made it a point to look at myself as a strong person who met the declaration statement.”

  • “Combat and creative declarations have stuck with me the most. I can honestly say that combat is still one of the most difficult things I do, but extremely beneficial.”

  • “The combat declarations were most helpful when I'd get particularly hard on myself over a failure or a challenge.”

    Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash