In today's episode, I read the blog post, "30 Truths for a Happier Life. " While the blog post lists all 30 truths, I share the second set of 10 truths that I've discovered and add additional context as to why and how each one can shift your life in a more positive direction. Tune in to learn more and subscribe on iTunes and GooglePlay to catch the next episode highlighting the remaining 10 truths. 

  1. Consistency is crucial for positive change. 
  2. Go for it- don't let fear hold you back.
  3. You can only control you.
  4. Pay attention to the energy around you. 
  5. Allow yourself to feel fancy- take care of yourself. 
  6. Gratitude leads to more. 
  7. What you focus on and believe comes true.
  8. Working out makes you feel better. 
  9. Pay attention to how you feel. 
  10. Anger and envy indicate something deeper.

What truths would you add or do you disagree with?  Let me know on Facebook or Instagram

Read the original blog post and the full list of 30 truths here: https://www.happinessabound.com/blog/30-truths-for-a-happier-life

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash