Vision Board Training Class

Vision Board Training Class


If you’ve been feeling stuck, like you’re going through the motions and spinning your wheels, vision boards can help.

If you want to make goals but aren't sure where to start and feel like every goal you set drops off after a few days, vision boards can help.

If you desperately want to change the direction of your life but have no idea where to begin, vision boards will help.

If you want to learn how to get unstuck, to set and achieve any goal, and to take the first steps to transform your life, this is the Happiness Abound Vision Board class for you. This class includes:

  • one-hour training (in-person, online, and recorded) that details exactly how to create and utilize a vision board to achieve the life you’ve only dreamed of up to now.

  • an expansive, 18-page vision board success resource guide to support and guide you through your vision board journey.

  • lifetime access to a video replay of the training to watch and review at your convenience.

The class will be held on July 13 at 3pm MST at the home of transformational happiness mentor, Taylor Proctor. Space is limited so please sign up for this class to reserve your spot.

***Online options are also available for a live, remote attending of the class as well as a video recording afterwards to watch at your convenience.

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I attended Taylor’s Happiness Abound Vision Board Workshop in 2018. It was a pivotal training class for me to get to where I am now, speaking professionally and coaching.

She taught the importance of having an active vision board. I set up my first vision board right after that class and I STILL have a vision board up in my room where I see it regularly and take things down and replace them with new goals as I achieve them. Public speaking was one of my now-accomplished goals on my vision board as well as hitting certain financial goals.

I would rate this class a solid 10 out of 10!! Taylor teaches the workshop with positivity, energy, and makes everything she teaches feel relatable, digestible, and encouraging. I especially appreciated that I could feel that Taylor actually believes and practices what she teaches. You won’t regret taking this workshop!

~Lisse Cherry