Emotional Management for Happiness

Emotional Management for Happiness


A 90-minute training class designed to teach you a variety of emotional management techniques to help you achieve your goals, escape negative self-talk, let go of anger, feel better aligned, and more.

This class includes:

  • 90-minute online and in-person training

  • an 20-page emotional management resource guide

  • lifetime access to the video replay of the training

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“I'm a huge fan of Taylor’s classes! She knows her stuff. I’ve taken two of her classes now, and they’ve been awesome. The class combating negative self-talk has been a big help for me. Taylor was also sweet enough to do a class for my thirteen-year-old girls. Teen years are brutal, as we all know. With social media being as prominent as it is, comparing ourselves with others and body dysmorphia, it’s hard to feel and be okay with ourselves. A lot of what we’re seeing portrays perfect families, perfect bodies and it’s just not realistic. I’m thankful for people like Taylor, who are willing to put themselves out there, be vulnerable, and share and teach what they know. It’s worth every penny! I highly recommend these classes to you and your family. Thanks, Taylor!”

- Karen Cronk