I recently recorded a podcast episode (#42), where I chatted about how oftentimes we think there’s something wrong with us and it could actually be something wrong with the system surrounding your situation. In the episode, I shared my experience with math as an example of always thinking there was something slow or wrong with me when, in reality, it was the system I was taught that didn’t match up to how I best learn. 

This concept was enhanced for me earlier last week as well when I watched a Facebook video with Dr. Daniel Amen. Dr. Amen is a renowned physician, psychiatrist, and professor who scans and studies the brain. I read his book, "The Brain In Love" several years ago and found it fascinating. Last week, I watched his TEDTalk about scanning the brain for behavioral problems and it brought me back to looking at exterior systems and even physical situations that you may not be aware of, holding you back or contributing to a difficulty you may have. 

In his talk, Amen describes several individuals who appear to have behavioral or mental conditions that would be impossible to solve or mediate with traditional practices and systems of diagnosis. He then shows brain scans that pinpoint where a person's behavioral issues are stemming from and places them on a "Brain Smart" program to help their brain become healthier and their problems to decrease or cease.  

Why do I share this here, on a happiness blog (and podcast)? Because while I firmly believe we have the power and choice to choose to be happy, I also want myself and everyone else to understand that sometimes the societal systems and training may be wrong for us. That sometimes there may be something lurking in the background making it difficult for us to change. So I highlight my math story and Dr. Amen's findings to showcase the need to sometimes look beyond what we think we know to find the answers and to make positive changes in our lives. 

Have you ever had a situation that felt hopeless and then found out that it correlated to something that you didn't know about? And upon knowing more information, you were able to change? 

I hope you'll listen to episode 42 of the Happiness Abound Podcast and the audio reading of this blog post, episode 53.  Share your thoughts with me on Facebook or Instagram, and remember you are capable of happiness abound. 

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Photo by Ron Manke on Unsplash