Have you ever worried about being thought of as "weird?" It crosses my mind right before I bust out my sprinkler and running man dance moves,  before I tell an incredibly corny joke, before I say that I wake up before 5 am, and before I start talking about my blog about happiness. 

Weirdness= Success

Here's the thing though, weird is what leads to success. Michael Jordan was considered weird for practicing basketball so much. Oprah was considered weird for wanting to host a television show. Gary Vaynerchuk is thought to be weird because of his work ethic. Dave Ramsey is weird because he is debt free in his personal life and business. In fact, Dave Ramsey has a quote that is pretty well known, "Debt is normal. Be weird."

Weird in the real world. 

I'd like to share a personal example. As you may know, I have tried to rid myself of TV/Netflix several times. The other day I was talking to my husband about how much more I get done and how much better I feel when I don't waste time in front of the TV.  But one of the hardest parts is that it makes me feel weird to talk about it, it is weird to not know about the latest shows or be able to join those conversations, it is weird to say that I don't want TV in my life. But my husband gave me an insight that has lead to this post and a better resolve to be "weird." He told me that you don't hear the most successful people talking about TV shows, they are talking about the things they do that the average person doesn't. 

Be a little weird.

The point is, everyone has the potential to be happy and successful. But it may mean being a little weird. Weird means passing on a dinner with friends or new clothes to be debt free. Weird means spending 3 hours a day practicing. Weird means saying daily declarations out loud to yourself. Weird means following your dreams and not worrying about how it will make other people feel. 

So the next time you're worried about being "weird," just remember that being weird is what separates the successful and the rest of the world. So then the question becomes, how are you "weird?" 

Photo by Stefan Kunze on Unsplash