There are so many traits that lead to great success in work, home, and life but one trait trumps them all and can be included in all journeys to success. That trait is consistency. Success is measured differently for each of us but the way to accomplishing your goals and reaching your dreams is through regular and persistent practices.

  • Personal Health and Home

If you want to be healthier, the way to a healthy life is through consistency. Regularly eating healthy food, working out, and making a lifestyle change based on healthy choices and making those choices day after day. Another part of personal health is keeping a clean home. The best way to keep a neat home is to consistently participate in small, daily practices. Whichever tidying task you choose, the house will stay clean with unfailing habits of cleaning.

  • Work and Career

In our work lives, consistency can mean the difference between promotions, raises and good things happening. Whether you are a business owner or working for someone else, the rewards come after consistently doing well. Being punctual every day, working hard, doing your best, and being reliable are all unwavering habits that lead to work-based success.

  • Relationships

Success in relationships is based on consistency as well. You wouldn’t marry or remain friends with someone that you couldn’t expect some regularity with in their actions. And inconsistencies on your own side can lead to difficulties. However, always telling the truth as well as being loyal, respectful, and dependable in your actions can lead to loving and fulfilling relationships.

  • Pets and Children

Even with raising children and pets, consistency is crucial. If you are irregular in discipline techniques, house and family rules and your parenting actions it can cause confusion, disruption, and instability for those special members of your family.

  • Finances

Practicing dependability and responsibility with finances is just another form of consistency. When you hear of those who are more financially endowed than most of us, its often those who have habitually practiced good money actions. While some people can “get rich quick,” you almost alway hear about how they lost what they had won in a short period of time. This is because regardless of rich or poor, being consistent in your finances will lead to financial stability and security.

  • Fun

Be Inconsistent

I know, this whole post is about being regular in your daily routines and life areas but when it comes to fun, you’ve got to be consistently inconsistent in what you do. Mix it up and try new things. Spend time meeting new people and going to events you wouldn’t normally go to. Shake up your life, get out of the boring routine of watching Netflix and get out there and have fun!

Do you agree that consistency leads to success? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo by Drew Collins