There are several things you could do to be happy right now. The activities range from meditation and napping to hiking and serving others. But as I thought the practical applications to feel happier right now, I realized that during your workday it can be difficult to drop everything and take a nap, go for a hike or find a way to serve others. So I created this quick list of short actionable things you can do, anywhere and at any time to instantly feel more positive and happier:

  1. Listen to some good music.
  2. Pet an adorable pet (or spend 3 minutes watching some "awe" pet videos).
  3. List three things you're grateful for.
  4. Breathe big, deep, conscious breaths for one minute.
  5. Phone/text a friend.

Listen to some good music.

Find a song or two that always makes you smile. A funny Adam Sandler- type song may make you laugh, while another song may bring back happy memories. Whatever the music, make it your go-to when you're feeling down. For me, I listen to Blink-182 (older stuff), Queen, or a playlist I've created on Spotify called Happy Songs.

Pet an adorable pet or watch pet videos that make you go "awe."

For me, it's easy to be at home and pet one of my dogs but while at work, if I need a quick pick-me-up, I'll take a few minutes to watch a video of my puppy acting crazy or I'll look up some videos on YouTube of totally adorable animals. Or you could spend 12 minutes watching this video, where a set of people are shown super cute animal and baby videos and are challenged not to react. It's fun to see the videos, try not to react yourself, and to see how poorly the challenge participants do as well. 

List three things you're grateful for. 

Pretty straightforward and simple. Grab a sticky note and write three things you're grateful for. They can be anything. For example, as I write this I'm grateful for 1) a quiet room, 2)soft fluffy dogs who like to lay near my legs, and 3) alarm clocks. 

Breathe big, deep, conscious breaths for one minute.

Another simple but easy way to relax and feel better about the day. Sit comfortably and take a few big, deep breaths. 30-seconds to a minute of doing this can help your body relax and clear your mind. Breath in through your nose and out your mouth. Try to focus on the breathing and not let your mind wander. Try it for one minute and see how you feel. 

Phone or text a friend. 

Call a friend on your way home or shoot them a quick text between emails to see how they are doing. Sharing with others, hearing how they are doing, and communicating can help you feel better, happier, and more connected. 

Feeling happier, right now. 

What small things do you do in the middle of the day to feel happier and more positive? Would you try any of these? If so, share with us on  Facebook or Instagram

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Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash