I recently had several good things happen in quick succession. Weirdly enough, for 2 years prior to the last two weeks, I'd been searching and struggling to work through some very hard times. In fact, if I'm being completely honest, it was more like four years of tough times. The first 2 were a different kind of tough while the last two have been in another life category. All of that said, when I share my delight at things FINALLY turning around, I feel myself worrying that the rug will get pulled out from beneath me.

I worry about stepping into the unknown because while things have been tough, it has become familiar over the past four years to not quite have things go my way. I find myself scared to take a risk.  Wanting to run back to the security of what I know... which of course, hasn't been ideal.

The universe has finally aligned, I must have finally learned what I needed to, to get through my rut and have everything come together. But I find myself getting pulled back and at a crossroads. I can sink back into comfort with a few new challenges but ultimately the same struggles and hurts will be there. Or I can aim for the fresh start, the opportunities that have aligned with my needs, and the risk of the unknown. 

It's not very often that we find ourselves at a crossroads like this in our lives. While it's not a life or death situation, it certainly is a life or living situation and will change the course of how I spend my days which ultimately makes up my life. 

In episode 20 of Happiness Abound, The Podcast (Accepting the Opportunity to be Bold), I shared how in my life I've had a few opportunities to be bold, to go for it, and how those chances changed my life for the better. So I will take my own advice and shift into an attitude of boldness and bravely step into the unknown, the new opportunities, and the new possibilities life has presented me. 

Why do I write this? Why do I go into the detail of how I'm feeling? Because every so often (whether in big areas or small), we have chances we have to take. And we can be bold or slip into our comfort. The battle between the two can rage between us and pull us until we make a decision... and in most cases we choose comfort. But here's the thing... there is no right or wrong choice in most of these situations, just new opportunities or different paths. 

I'm going to be bold in my life. I'm going to practice what I've been preaching on a larger scale. I am going to take the risk... will you? 

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