Do you ever have days where you just need a boost? If so, practice one or all of these things to feel an immediate positivity lift:

1. Get Grateful

I know this has been said a thousand and one times on every happiness blog known to man but that is because it works. When you are feeling down or negative, it can be refreshing to get a new positive perspective to get grateful about things. Having a rough day at work? Think about how blessed you are to have a job. How great it is that you have an understanding boss or co-workers who allow you to vent. Get grateful for your desk plant even. It works for every aspect of life. What you get grateful for doesn’t even have to relate to the current situation.

I won’t lie, it can be hard to pull out of a negative funk and get grateful. One time that comes to mind is when arguing with my husband. It can be hard stop fighting long enough to think of some things to be grateful for. I haven’t been able to do it very often but when I have (thinking of how much we’ve overcome, grateful for his unending support and grateful that we communicate, even if it is arguing sometimes) it has totally paid off. It usually results in me hugging him and defusing the situation and me changing my mindset to a state of love and communication.

2. Go Outside

Another old standby is to go outside. 15 minutes outside can instantly brighten your mood. I like to look at the leaves on the trees, the clouds in the sky, and the flowers I find along my path. It instantly makes me feel happier, lighter, and of course more positive.

3.  Smile

You may not feel like it but smile anyways. It can trick your mind into a more positive state.

4. Take A Second Look At The Situation

This is SUPER difficult to do, especially if your negativity is based on another person’s actions. But by trying to look at the situation from another person’s point of view can be helpful in not only deferring your negativity but also taking a more positive look at what is happening or happened. We each are trying our hardest and 100% of the world wants to be happy. So take a second to give the other person a chance and take an outlook that hopefully someone else will try to see things from your side too.

5. Get Physical

Working out sucks but you feel great afterward. Even if its just going for a walk (and getting outside), it can turn your mood around. Working out can help relieve stress, tension and more. Go get physical!

Another element of getting physical is changing our body posture. Assuming power positions (wide stances, spread out to take up space, etc) can help you feel more confident and more positive.

6. Encourage Someone else

Lastly, have you ever encouraged someone and then walked away feeling positive yourself? If the opportunity presents its self, encourage someone else and feel better right away!

How do you shift your mindsets and become more positive?

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina

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