About happiness Abound

I created this website to inspire happiness and positive change in the lives of others with idea that there are three key thoughts that lead to happiness.

01   You are capable of happiness abound.

Stories of others can inspire us to realize that we too are capable of happiness in our lives.

02  Happiness is Built on a framework of consistency.

Consistency is the cornerstone to every good or bad habit and it’s the things we do in our daily lives that bring actual happiness.

03   Growth & learning are found where you look.

Inspiration to be and do better can be found anywhere, as long as you are looking for it in the right mindset. 

I discovered these three happiness thoughts through a series of unfortunate events in my life (hooray for personal experience!) and a love for personal growth (aka reading, watching, and listening to a ton of personal development content over the past 7+ years). I discuss my life and my findings here on the blog and the podcast.

My hope is that this site can inspire and resonate with you, helping you realize you are capable of happiness abound and enable you to go after it. 

Thank you for stopping by the site and wanting to learn more! 

- Taylor Proctor

Taylor Proctor is an intuitive mentor who helps you rebuild your confidence and get your goals.

She does this through recording daily podcast episodes on Happiness Abound, The Podcast, teaching monthly training classes, and mentoring individuals one-on-one.

Regardless of the medium, her focus is on sharing techniques and exercises to help you create a happiness mindset, design your dream life, inspire positive change, and remember you are capable of happiness abound.


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